best snow ice cream

Best Snow Ice Cream

Three simple ingredients is all you need to make the absolute best snow ice cream. Oh my goodness, it’s delicious. Every time it snows I make this easy treat for my family. They just love it and it’s so much fun to make. Continue reading “Best Snow Ice Cream” »

Poblano Chili

Easy Beef & Poblano Chili

Easy Beef & Poblano Chili is a perfect dinner for the Southwest food lover in your life. I like it with crushed Frito’s on top. Continue reading “Easy Beef & Poblano Chili” »

Best Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

Best Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

This is the best pumpkin angel food cake ever! It is so light and fluffy and the added pumpkin makes it very moist. I like to add a dollop of whipped topping with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice to take it over the top. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Best Pumpkin Angel Food Cake” »

Recipe for Spaghetti Squash 1

Recipe for Spaghetti Squash -II

Fall is a great time for squash and the price is right. The health benefactors are great, too. Compare spaghetti squash at 42 calories per cup to pasta at 182 calories per cup.  It’s also got vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Not only is my recipe for spaghetti squash delicious, it’s healthy, too. Continue reading “Recipe for Spaghetti Squash -II” »

Glazed Ham I

Best Glazed Ham Recipe

I had always seen these fancy hams on all the cooking shows I watched and never thought I could make one. Boy,  was I wrong! This is the best glazed ham recipe and it  was so easy it was almost comical. The taste was unbelievable and the presentation when I brought it to the table made everybodies jaw drop. And, oh the smell when it’s cooking. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this recipe.  Continue reading “Best Glazed Ham Recipe” »

Christmas Baking Recipes - Chocolate Crackle Cookies I

Christmas Baking Recipes – Chocolate Crackle Cookies

When sorting through your Christmas Baking Recipes don’t forget the Chocolate Crackle Cookies. Make a double batch because they are that good. I love sharing delicious food with friends and family and they love it, too.  Continue reading “Christmas Baking Recipes – Chocolate Crackle Cookies” »

Saltine Toffee Cookies

Christmas Baking Recipes – Saltine Toffee Cookies with Nuts

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love made for me, Saltine Toffee Cookies!  This Saltine Toffee Cookie recipe is so simple yet so delicious.  They make a fantastic gift for the homemade gift giver. Continue reading “Christmas Baking Recipes – Saltine Toffee Cookies with Nuts” »

venison sausage balls 1

Tailgating Recipes – Venison Sausage Balls

Tailgating recipes should be easy to make, easy to transport, easy to eat, and delicious. These Venison Sausage Balls are the winner here. You will score major points with your family and friends for bringing this fabulous finger food.  Continue reading “Tailgating Recipes – Venison Sausage Balls” »


Christmas Baking Recipes – Pecan Balls

My mom’s Pecan Balls are my little sisters all time favorite Christmas Baking Recipe. When rolled in the sweet powdered sugar that just melts in your mouth they are divine. Mom could always tell when we would sneak a Pecan Ball because the sugar fell onto our shirts. I guess we were messy sneaky kids but we sure were happy.  Continue reading “Christmas Baking Recipes – Pecan Balls” »

Christmas gift ideas - tiger cookies

Christmas Baking Recipes – Tiger Cookies

This Christmas Baking Recipe is endorsed by Tony the Tiger so you know they’re going to be grrrreat! They are made with Frosted Flakes Cereal. So does that make eating Tiger Cookies for breakfast okay? I am thinking, yes! Continue reading “Christmas Baking Recipes – Tiger Cookies” »

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