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Our attachment with coffee is unconditional. It knows no bounds. We crave for a delicious cup of coffee at almost all times and sip on it even at most untoward moments. Brewing coffee is rapidly becoming an art and is quite fervently taking over all the forms of brewing in this world. Coffee has a far-reaching horizon and employs a remarkable percentage of labor for its production. If statistics related to coffee are concerned, the numbers that come up are staggering.

The reality introspection into the world of coffee reveals things that are dark at best. From labor exploitation to animal abuse, the world of coffee is a one that appalls beyond understanding. Here, we seek to elaborate the unseen aspects of coffee. The discussion that follows is as under: 

Coffee certifications 

Your coffee beans bear labels on their packets. These labels correspond to various certifications. One such certification is of organic methods of processing. For your information, organic farming leads to lower yields. This pushes the farmers hard to use unnatural alternatives in order to support their families financially. Connecting the dots reveals that the organic coffee beans are a product of a potentially broke farmer. He might even be starving, struggling to make ends meet. 

Impacts on biodiversity 

Farming of coffee has a lot to do with environmental issues. The farming techniques, especially when they shift from organic to inorganic farming. Statistics do bring out surprising numbers pertaining to the adverse effects of coffee farming on the environment. Moreover, the impacts are not just direct, but they are indirect effects that prevail due to dependencies centered around coffee farming. For instance, the people involved are mostly concerned with financial issues and can go on to deteriorate anything in order to achieve their financial motives. Here, we fail as a society and it is reflected as our own deterioration. 

Involvement of animals 

Animal abuse is a growing concern in the coffee industry. Some animals are fed coffee beans and their excretion is then used for normal consumption of coffee. This leads to the rearing of such special animals. These animals are kept in confined cages and exploited specifically for this purpose. This sort of animal abuse is never brought to our morning tables and remains a hidden story altogether. This is a major dark side of the coffee industry. 

If animal abuse was not enough… 

Even humans are exploited under the canopy of coffee plantations. It is acutely unfortunate that the labor involved in coffee farming is essential ‘debt peonage’. These workers are toiling day in and day out to repay their debts. Critically commenting, this form of farming is effective slavery. So your coffee is a product of slavery. 

 Then comes child labor 

It is true that child labor is one major portion of coffee farming. As the plantations grow, families that poor send their children to earn money on farms rather than sending them to schools. 

Such harsh realities should be brought to light and this article seeks to achieve this particular motive. While coffee is essential, a reality check is never a bad idea. Maybe, this makes for a rather awakened consumption. 

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