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How to Make Chili – Venison Chili

It’s mating season in Maryland. Wait, let me clarify that statement.  It’s deer mating season in Maryland and the deer are love-sick and forlorn.  My dad was a hunter (see picture below) and I have always enjoyed a venison meal.  This recipe will teach you how to make chili, venison chili to be exact.  It’s delicious!

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How to Make Chili

Have you been itching to learn how to make chili?  This is a very spicy beef chili recipe that will knock your socks off.  Put your ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning and have a delicious dinner ready in the afternoon.  Pair this with myspicy jalapeño cheddar cornbread.

Venison Chili Recipe

Venison Chili Recipe

It’s deer season in Maryland and I come from a long line of hunters so I thought I’d come up with a venison chili recipe to share with you all.  This is a thick, hardy, bone stickin’ chili that is sure to please everyone.  Keep this in a crock pot on those cold Sunday afternoons […]

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