Latest Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Technologies

Handheld vacuum cleaning technology has begun an innovation in the world of vacuum cleaning. This is pretty much a revolution in the process of cleaning made easier. With handheld vacuum cleaning, cleaning has been rendered dynamic in its process. Now you can carry the ultimate power of suction with you anywhere. Even if it is about the messes in your car, you can carry your handheld vacuum cleaner all way down to the garage and then come back to your attic and perform the exact same task. One important facet of this technology is it is affordable and retains the same amount of power of a corded vacuum cleaner. Here, we try to delve into the subcategories of this technology. So let us begin. 


The battery life 

The advent of handheld vacuum cleaning depends heavily on the performance of the battery. Quite tangibly, a battery that lasts long enough does wonder to your process of cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners have a battery life as short as 5 minutes while some utilize the best of available technologies to last as long as 30 minutes. 

Some devices come with an LED indicator that tells you the status of battery life. There are special kinds of charging docks available too. 

Weight of the device 

An ideal handheld vacuum cleaner must be lighter than its adversaries. This particular aspect needs to be looked at with care. Cumbersome handheld vacuum cleaners defeat the entire purpose for which they were brought into existence in the first place. The market is flooded with vacuum cleaners weighing anywhere between 0.7 and 2.3 kilograms. However, most of them weigh somewhere around 1.5 kilograms which are quite feasible to lift and carry around the house. 

The capacity for holding dust 

This is another major factor in the field of vacuum cleaning. The market has many variants with varying dust holding capacities. Invariably, you need the one that has the highest dust holding capacity. So whenever you go about buying a device for yourself, consider reading the catalogs properly and looking out for a high capacity. 

For your information, handheld vacuum cleaners with about 0.5 liters are considered good enough. 

The attachments 

The attachments that come with your handheld vacuum cleaner complement its flexibility and utility. Many brands offer exotic attachments that reach the most peculiar of places. 

Wet and dry technology 

Handheld vacuum cleaners that work in both wet and dry conditions have an edge over the others. This technology is pretty helpful for cleanliness purposes as it minimizes human efforts and eradicates the requirement of manual work in wet conditions. 

Specific technologies 

A free market has a rigorous competition going on. Every brand seeks to figure out a signature technology not just to appeal to the consumers but also to carve a niche of their own. Such technologies are really helpful to the consumers sometimes and must be leveraged as far as possible. 

So far, we have discussed a few features of the handheld vacuum cleaners derived out of technological advancements. Choose your handheld vacuum cleaner discreetly to obtain a balanced combination of all latest technologies. Happy vacuuming! 

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