How to season your new grates?

Owning a grill is one of the greatest happiness one can come across. This happiness stays until the grill stays and you are reminded of it every time you cook food on your grill. The maintenance of your grill is as intricate as it is for a car enthusiast. You have to consider the grill as your own kid. Every part of the grill has to take care of individually and with utmost precision to ensure its long life and satisfactory performance. The grates, specifically, have to go through a rigorous seasoning process in order to obtain peak performance at all times. 

Whenever you buy a new grate, it has to be properly seasoned. In fact, it has to be properly seasoned after every single use. Seasoning may sound like an elaborate process but it simply involves heating the grate and then oiling to keep it working properly for a longer duration. Seasoning is also helpful for the easier cleaning of the grates and safeguarding them from rust. To ensure not just a longer life of a grill grate but also a rust-free performance, consider seasoning it after every use. 

Here, in this article, we help you in keeping your grill grates in its prime. Here are a few steps you must follow to properly season your grill grates: 

  • When the grill still remains dormant, which also implies that the grates can be easily reached with hands, pour some cooking oil onto the grates and the emitters. 
  • Bring in a paper towel to rid extra oil from the grates. The oil used must create an even coating on the surface of the grates. 
  • Now fire up your grill and look out for the oil being burnt off. The smoke originates from the grates. This process should be over after a tad over 15 minutes. 
  • As you may have noticed, your new grate came with a shiny surface. That shiny surface has now been rendered bronze or dark brown. Darker surface implies better seasoning which, in turn, implies hotter and better-cooked food. 
  • Now allow the grill to be cooled down naturally. 
  • You may consider applying a layer of oil on the grill grates after every use so as to prevent rusting. 

As a suggestion, you may ease out your task of seasoning the grill by using a spray oil bottle. 

Thus, seasoning on a grill grate is pretty easy. But it is often overlooked and becomes the reason for unhygienic results of food. Furthermore, rust can be lethal to your grates. Not that there are not any methods to rid the rust developed on the surface, but it degrades the life of your grates. You see, barbecue involves a lot of love for the equipment. This loves blends into the love of food and produces fantastic results with grilled recipes.  

Now that you know how to go about seasoning your grill, you would be able to take extra care of your device. Even if you have an old grill, there’s never a good time to season your grates. Do it now! 

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