“Honey, are your eggs fresh?”

mom on wedding day

If you are like me, when you need cooking advice you call your mom.  My mother is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking.  Last Sunday I called my mom and asked her over for dinner.  I was cooking up a feast because it was my last day of a 3 week vacation and I was determined to go out in style.  I was grilling steaks and lobster tails, making spaghetti salad, cut watermelon, fresh picked corn on the cob, and I just had to have some deviled eggs.  Only thing is, my deviled eggs were hard to peel and the whites kept coming off in the shell.  They were horrible looking.  I was ready to make egg salad instead (insert sad face here).   When mom came in I told her about my dilemma and she said, “Honey, are your eggs fresh?” and I said that they were just bought today.  Well apparently, that was my problem.  She told me not to use fresh eggs and always use older eggs.  She was absolutely right!  I had mixed my last few older eggs in with the fresh and by golly the older eggs peeled perfectly.  I still made the deviled eggs because a craving is a craving after all but they weren’t the beauties I was expecting.   Now, my daughter calls me for cooking advice and I will share with her what I have learned from my mother.

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