Handheld Vacuum – Best Brands You Can Buy 

Handheld vacuuming is pretty much a revolution in the arena of cleaning. This revolution has brought in a tremendous amount of ease in the process of vacuuming while keeping suction power and backup intact. While handheld vacuum cleaners are a great choice out of many vacuum cleaners, there is a sub-choice of brands you can dwell on. Some brands produce handheld vacuum cleaners specifically crafted for a particular set of tasks. In fact, it is a matter of personal preference that helps you choose the best one for yourself. Therefore, we segregate this article into various brands and then discuss what they have to offer. With that, let us see what we have. 



The name of this brand is quite fitting to the key aspect of vacuum cleaning. Well, this particular brand offers its Supreme V2400 Cordless cleaner and is a wet and dry cleaner. This is powered by a staggeringly low 12 volt supply from a lead-acid battery which stands in contrast to the common lithium-ion alternative. 

However, it boasts of HEPA filter that goes through three stages. Tests show that this filter is capable of producing excellent results. Howsoever underpowered it may be, it gives amazing results even on liquid wastes. 

Moreover, the accessories provided are great. 


Bissell calls its product 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum. Tests have shown that this product gives out a satisfactory performance. This machine is powered by a 22-volt battery (lithium ion) that also boasts of a fade-free performance. The suction power generated is pretty good for a household. 

Furthermore, the accessories that come with this device increase its utility. Moreover, the recharge time is comparatively shorter. 

However, the hose is pretty short and that calls for bending while using it. Also, the device is heavier than most of the other brands on this list. 


Eureka is a well-known brand and is trusted throughout the world for the goods that it offers. The product we would discuss for instance is no less. It is called the EasyClean 71B. This device is powered by two motors: one for the rotating brush and the other for suction. Consuming as much as 5.5 amperes of current, this device is capable of competing with the best vacuum cleaners in the market. The device has a commendable reach owing to its 20-feet long power cord. 

Also, the accessories complement the utility of Eureka. 


Dyson is another renowned brand in the field of vacuum cleaning. The device we use for exemplification here is supposed to be the most expensive we have on this list. However, the money that you spend on it is worth it. The device in the discussion is the V6 Trigger. 

This device is capable of sucking up the most stubborn of messes. However, it takes quite a lot of time to recharge and works for small intervals. 

Black & Decker 

Last but not the least, this brand is also a well-known one and produces beasts. It calls its product BDH2020FLFH. This device is powered by a 20-volt battery and is amazingly powerful at the same time. It is versatile and comes with a great set of accessories. However, the maintenance of this vacuum cleaner would cost more than anything else on this list. 


So, with that, you may decide which brand to go for. Happy vacuuming! 

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