Easy Homemade Dessert Recipes – Chocolate Trifle


Every time my son comes home for a visit he requests this Chocolate Trifle. It is one of my many easy homemade dessert recipes that I am asked to make for all occasions. It’s always a hit for any get together or party. 



  1. Bake brownies according to directions on box. Let cool and slice into 1 inch pieces.Trifle 3
  2. Beat together pudding, milk, and condensed milk until thick and beaten thoroughly.trifle 4
  3. Fold in 8 oz. Cool Whip.
  4. In the bottom of a trifle bowl layer brownie, then chocolate pudding mixture, then a layer of Cool Whip.Trifle 2
  5. Repeat.Trifle 1
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