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Need to make your own blog or website a little more Kooky?

Simply copy and paste the following code into your blog post or web page:

<a href=""><img src="" width="125" height="125" /></a>

Make sure you let me know if you do that, so that I can check out your site!

Other Ways to Connect

While we’re on the topic of checking things out, here are some other ways to make sure that you don’t miss a single Kooky moment…

Follow me on Twitter!If you’re into the short and sweet, then Twitter is where you should be. Twitter is the best way to know when I have posted a new blog, if you follow me there you’ll know as soon as it’s live.

Connect with me on Facebook!Need more than a one-liner?  Not a problem… Facebook is probably where you want to be. You’ll find out about my blog posts just like on Twitter, but you’ll also get a photo and maybe even a discussion or two as a bonus!

Check out my pins!Want more photos?  Pinterest is the place to go! Not only will you enjoy a visual Smörgåsbord from my blog, there are plenty of other images pinned for you to explore.

View my YouTube Channel!I’m just getting started with my YouTube channel, but stay tuned for more updates about this project as it comes into focus.

View my YouTube Channel!Using a feed reader for organizing your blogs? My RSS feed is just the ticket to easily add this site to your library.

Send me a message!Have an idea or question? I’d love to hear from you… send me a private message from right here:


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