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Grilled T bone steak

Easy Grilled T-bone Steak

This easy grilled T-bone steak is so easy even a monkey could grill it. No kidding. Pair it with my Easy Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe for absolute deliciousness. 


Easy Grilled Lamb Burger Recipe

A good easy grilled lamb burger recipe is a must have for summertime. Pair it with a refreshing tzaziki sauce and  your taste buds will be thanking you.

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Casserole Recipe 2

Easy Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole Recipe

On a sunny Sunday afternoon I landscaped my yard and it turned out really nice. The funny thing is when I was done, the neighbors cat was sleeping under my purple Magnolia tree and it looked like I had planted a cat. I was so tired I didn’t feel like cooking anything elaborate so I […]

Chicken Quesadilla

Lite Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

I could eat Mexican food 5 days a week. This is a quick and easy lite chicken quesadilla recipe because you’re going to use chicken that is already cooked and lower fat ingredients along with whole wheat tortillas. I always make extra so I can take the leftovers for lunch. You might want to, also. 

Greek Chicken Thighs 1

Easy Lite Greek Chicken Thighs Recipe

Bathing suit season is right around the corner so I’m in a panic and trying to eat lite.  But, I also want my food to taste good and be healthy all at the same time. My Easy Greek Chicken Thighs  Recipe delivers on both ends.

Glazed Ham I

Homemade Ham Glaze

I made this ham for dinner and glazed it with my homemade ham glaze every 25 minutes. It was absolutely delicious. Smithfield eat your heart out!

baked ziti 2

How to Make Baked Ziti

You don’t have to be an Italian chef to know how to make baked ziti. I made this and froze it for one of those nights when I don’t have time to cook or I simply don’t feel like it.  I used my homemade spaghetti sauce but you can use your favorite jarred sauce and […]

Stuffed Peppers

Healthy Stuffed Peppers

Because I am turning 50 years old in a couple of months and because I am ‘fluffy‘ I was looking for healthier alternatives to favorite foods. I made these healthy stuffed peppers with brown rice instead of white and ground turkey instead of beef but you would never know it. They turned out absolutely delicious. […]

Venison Quiche Recipe 2

Venison Sausage Quiche Recipe

My brother was so generous this year and shared his venison with me.  He gave me a big package of venison sausage so I figured I’d better come up with some sumptuous venison sausage recipes. I like a nice big breakfast on the weekends so I made my husband and me a Venison Sausage Quiché. […]

Venison Shepherds Pie Recipe 6

Venison Shepherds Pie Recipe

This Venison Shepherds Pie Recipe is actually derived from my venison crock pot recipes. I made Venison Vegetable Barley Soup in the crock pot and purposely slow cooked an extra shoulder roast with it to make Shepherds Pie for dinner the next day.  It is so simple yet so satisfying and delicious. I think you’re […]

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