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Venison Quiche Recipe 2

Venison Sausage Quiche Recipe

My brother was so generous this year and shared his venison with me.  He gave me a big package of venison sausage so I figured I’d better come up with some sumptuous venison sausage recipes. I like a nice big breakfast on the weekends so I made my husband and me a Venison Sausage Quiché. […]

sausage gravy and biscuits

Sausage Gravy over Biscuits topped with a Fried Egg

Learn how to make sausage gravy and top it with anything you like. My favorite  way to eat sausage gravy is over biscuits and topped with a fried egg. Of course, then I have to hit the gym for an hour.

how to make sausage gravy

How to Make Sausage Gravy

Weekends are about sleeping in, lounging in your pajamas, sipping coffee, relaxing and making a nice big breakfast. I learned how to make sausage gravy many years ago and enjoy it over biscuits every  now and then. I really love it topped with a fried egg.  Don’t go to a restaurant for a nice breakfast, […]

Spinach Quiche

Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe

I have told you before that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Well, my son has the most beautiful and sweet hearted girlfriend who is cooking her way right into his heart. Thank you Rebekah Heafner for this wonderful easy Spinach Quiche recipe.

Easy Sticky Buns Recipe 6

Easy Sticky Buns Recipe

It was a rainy cold Sunday morning and I had a hankering for something sinfully delicious. I came up with this easy sticky buns recipe and it only took me about 10 minutes to throw together. It was so decadently delightful and simple to make, too. 

Cinammon bun whole pan

Christmas Baking Recipe – Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas morning is special in so many ways. Our tradition in our house was a tea ring every Christmas morning for breakfast. Start a tradition in your home with this Christmas Baking Recipe for Cinnamon Buns. Imagine the aroma of fresh warm cinnamon buns while your family is opening gifts by the tree with a […]

Creamed Chipped Beef

How to Make Creamed Chipped Beef – Maryland Style

Attention all single ladies!  If you learn how to make creamed chipped beef  Maryland style and serve this to your boyfriend, I would almost guarantee a ring on your finger within a week.   And fellas, it works both ways.  If  my husband cooked for me like this I would be putty in his hands […]

Creamed Chipped Beef over homefries.

How to Make Creamed Chipped Beef over Home Fries

I knew I had to learn how to make creamed chipped beef over home fries after eating it at our local Amish Market.  The warm gravy over a crispy potato is the perfect combination for your Sunday morning breakfast.  It’s one of those meals that really sticks to your ribs as my momma would say. 

Pumpkin Banana French Toast

Pumpkin Banana French Toast

When you have a delicious recipe for pumpkin banana bread french toast you want to share it with the world. Here ya go world! Seriously though, this bread is so light and fluffy it melts in your mouth. Top it with your favorite toppings and turn your kitchen into your favorite restaurant.

Creamed Chipped Beef over Biscuits

How to Make Creamed Chipped Beef

Learn how to make creamed chipped beef and serve it up on some warm biscuits for breakfast.  This recipe really  hits the spot on those cold winter mornings.  My mom used to make this for us when we were kids, so to me this is the greatest comfort foods.  I love any food that takes […]

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