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mom on wedding day

“Honey, are your eggs fresh?”

If you are like me, when you need cooking advice you call your mom.  My mother is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking.  Last Sunday I called my mom and asked her over for dinner.  I was cooking up a feast because it was my last day of a 3 week vacation […]

Wooden Skewers

Always soak your wooden skewers in water for at least one hour before using them on the grill. This past Memorial weekend I was at my sister’s house manning the grill for her.  She had made some fantastic kabobs but didn’t know you had to soak the skewers first.  So yes, the skewers caught on […]

Easiest Way to Get Pit out of Avocado

Use a good large kitchen knife to slice your avocado lengthwise and twist to release half. Place the half with the pit on the counter and hit the pit with the knife blade hard enough that blade of knife sticks in pit, twist and turn and pit will come right out.

DIY Colored Coconut

Make coconut any color you like.  Simply put 1 cup of coconut in a Ziploc sandwich bag, add 1 Tbsp. of milk, and 3-5 drops of food coloring and shake, shake, shake!  It’s a piece of cake (pun intended)!

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