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KitchenAid Mixer only $389 for 6 Qt./Free Shipping

OMG! What a deal! This KitchenAid is a $501 mixer for only $389. I wish someone would buy this for me for Christmas. I have an old KitchenAid my mother passed down. It has to be at least 20 years old but I use it ALL the time. They last forever and I use it […]

Coffee & Spice Grinder 33% Off

My husband and I love to sit together on Saturday and Sunday mornings and enjoy a really good cup of coffee.  I often will buy whole coffee beans and then grind them right before making the coffee. It really does make a difference. I also use flavored creamers and top my mug with whipped cream. […]

Great Deal on 6 Qt. Crock Pot – 33% Off

I just posted my Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup Recipe and found this great deal on a crock pot. My crock pot is one of my most used kitchen items in the winter time.  Imagine your favorite soup slowly cooking and filling the house with the wonderful aroma on a cold wintry day. Oh, my!

Silpat 52% off at Amazon

Silpats are great and I use them all the time for baking. Use them instead of parchment paper for your Christmas cookies or roll it up and put it in a Christmas stocking for the baker in your family.  Right now they are 52% off.  Just click on the picture and it will take you […]

Frugal Food Lion Cooking Challenge

Well if you were following me on Faecbook you’ll know that I’m heading to a really fun event today in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been chosen to participate in the Food Lion Frugal Cook Off Challenge.  I’ll be in a group with 2 other bloggers, one being Maggie from Family Frugal Fun, and we’ll compete against […]

New hand mixer!!

  Is it ridiculous that I am totally excited because I got to buy a new hand mixer today?

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