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Christmas Baking Recipe

Christmas Baking Recipe – Pecan Pie

Pecan pie with lots of whipped cream on top sounds so good right about now. This is by far my favorite pie. I made this for Thanksgiving but I think I’ll add it to my Christmas Baking Recipe Box. Razzle dazzle your family this Christmas and present this pie as a special present to them. […]

Apple Pie Tart

Easy Apple Crumb Tart Recipe

No pie dish necessary! This easy apple crumb tart recipe is really an unpie if there is such a word. I still have apples from apple orchard picking and in my family we don’t waste a thing.  So poof, an unpie is born. 

Fresh Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Fresh Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Have you ever heard of a fiddle neck pumpkin or a crook neck pumpkin?  In this fresh pumpkin pie recipe you will not only learn what it is but learn how to cook it down and bake with it.  Fiddle necks make the most delicious pumpkin pie and they are just bit kooky like me. 

Easy Apple Crumb Pie Recipe

My husband and I took a drive to the country to an apple orchard last weekend and picked the most beautiful apples I’ve ever seen. I never realized there were so many different kinds.  The apples were begging to be used in an easy apple crumb pie recipe, so I obliged.  This pie is so […]

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