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Jerk Chicken Wings

Best Appetizer Recipes – Grilled Jamaican Jerk Wings

Everybody loves to snack on chicken wings during football games no matter what team you are rooting for.  But, sometimes you want to be in the NO FRY zone.  This healthy version of my grilled chicken wings recipe is a winner.

Red Pepper Dip

Sweet Red Pepper Dip

I made this sweet red pepper dip recipe last year when  my garden exploded with red peppers. It was so darn good I decided to make it for a girls week in Ocean City, MD. with my good friends.  I asked them to be my taste testers and within 1 hour all my dip was […]

cucumber tomato salad

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

The freshness of summer comes alive in this cucumber and tomato salad recipe.  The ripe tomatoes just burst with flavor when you bite into them and the crunch of the cucumbers is amazing.  This summer salad is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Strawberry Smores

Strawberry S’mores

Sitting out by my fire pit the first thing that pops into my mind is s’mores. Well strawberries are just about in season and I thought to myself, “How can I make s’mores with strawberries”? Ha! Another Kooky Carol concoction was born. These are so yummy that my guests ate them all before I even […]

Guacamole recipe

Guacamole Recipe

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner.  Celebrate with this delicious, fresh, healthy guacamole. It is the perfect dip for your chip or a Mexican fiesta.

Pillsbury Grands Taco Cups 2

Best Appetizer Recipes – Pillsbury Grands Taco Cups

Mini tacos in a biscuit? Oh my, what a great idea! You can add your favorite toppings, make them hot and spicy, or make them healthy using ground turkey, reduced fat cheese, and light sour cream. Every time I make these for a party they are the first thing to go.  

Best Chicken Wings Recipe - Old Bay Wings

Best Chicken Wings Recipe – Old Bay Wings Recipe

 If you are a Marylander you LOVE Old Bay Seasoning. These crispy, juicy, succulent wings are a favorite of people living anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay. 

Best Appetizer Recipes - Hot Sausage Dip

Best Appetizer Recipes – Hot Sausage Dip

 This hot sausage dip is a keeper for your best appetizer recipes. Absolutely perfect to take to a playoff party. It doesn’t matter which team you are rooting for because your Sausage Dip will be the winner!

Best Chicken Wings Recipe - hot and buttery

Hot Wings

These wings will knock your feathers off! I mean socks. These wings are so good your guests won’t even know that you drank too much wine while preparing them and forgot the basil leaves in the sauce. The hot sauce and butter soak right into the crispy skin to give you a yummy goodness. Pair them with […]

Superbowl Party food

Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe

 This sauce is great for dipping your hot wings in or to put on a salad or veggie platter.

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