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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Redskins preseason starts tonight!  Are you ready for some football? Sit down tonight with some Old Bay Wings and a beer in your favorite easy chair.

Peach Jam 1

Peach Jam

The peaches right now are so juicy I had to hold a paper towel under my chin just to eat one.  So, how could I resist the temptation to learn how to make peach and  make this peach jam recipe?  I used my Ball Jam & Jelly Maker and it was a cinch.  Now I […]

grilled summer squash

Grilled Summer Squash Recipe

When I walk into our local produce stand I am like a kid in a candy shop. I can’t resist the combination of fresh vegetables and a grill in the summertime. The possibilities of what I can do with them are endless. Even the pickiest eaters can’t resist a grilled vegetable. Go get yourself some […]

pretzel logs II

Monster Pretzels Recipe

You’ll be the talk of the town! Make this monster pretzel recipe for your next summer party and serve them in a corn on the cob holder. How fun is that? So easy to make and your kids will enjoy helping, too. Besides, no one can resist pretzels coated in caramel, rolled in chopped nuts, […]

Ball Jam & Jelly Maker

I just got the Ball Jam & Jelly Maker and I’m so excited.  This working for a living thingy is getting in my way of cooking, though.

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