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bbq thighs and lobster tails

Grilled Thighs -n- Tails with Summer Squash and Old Bay Corn on the Cob

Napoleon Dynamite! Yep, my husband and daughters boyfriend entertained us by doing Napoleons dance while I was trying to grill dinner. Let me just tell you that this dinner pairs very well with Corona Light with lime. One of the things I love most about summers in Maryland is the finest fresh produce and sweet […]

Food Lion Cookoff

Food Lion Frugal Cookoff 2013/Lemon Basil Chicken

It’s so exciting to star in my first YouTube video!  Although, I didn’t win the Food Lion Frugal Cookoff 2013 I sure had a great time and met some wonderful fellow bloggers.  My recipe for Lemon Basil Chicken is featured on the Food Lion website with a link below.  On my team was Maggie Miller […]

mom on wedding day

“Honey, are your eggs fresh?”

If you are like me, when you need cooking advice you call your mom.  My mother is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cooking.  Last Sunday I called my mom and asked her over for dinner.  I was cooking up a feast because it was my last day of a 3 week vacation […]

Ultimate Burger

Best Hamburger Recipe

I know that what I think is the absolute best burger in the world isn’t the best for everyone else. Some members of my family wouldn’t touch a burger with fresh guacamole and that’s fine. More for me!  My ultimate southwestern burger is delicious yet super messy.  This isn’t a burger you would want to eat […]

Spaghetti Salad

Spaghetti Salad Recipe

Summertime eating at its finest. What is more interesting than a cold spaghetti pasta salad loaded with summertime freshness?  I can’t even keep this in the refrigerator long enough for all the flavors to marry. My husband, aka Piggy Piggy, is always sneaking into the bowl and helping himself. I make a double batch and […]

Blackened Grouper

How to Blacken Fish – Blackened Gag Grouper

My daughter and I were lucky enough to be able to vacation on the Gulf of Mexico this summer. We were even more lucky to have Captain Ray McMorrow take us fishing everyday. He put us right on the fish. I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be out there fishing with dolphins […]

Frugal Food Lion Cooking Challenge

Well if you were following me on Faecbook you’ll know that I’m heading to a really fun event today in Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been chosen to participate in the Food Lion Frugal Cook Off Challenge.  I’ll be in a group with 2 other bloggers, one being Maggie from Family Frugal Fun, and we’ll compete against […]

Brownie S'mores Recipe

Brownie S’mores Recipe

I had such a great week off this 4th of July.  My hubby and I had family members from New York stay with us and we swam, visited our local Amish Market, went to the Annapolis parade and watched the fireworks, saw the Orioles beat the Yankees and took an evening cruise on the Sea […]

S'mores Cupcakes

S’more Cup Recipe

Look at this fun recipe I found on Family Frugal Fun this morning. What a great dessert for the 4th of July party you’re throwing or summer cookouts. I know I can’t wait to try these. I love S’mores. Thanks Family Frugal Fun!

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