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Superbowl Party Food Recipes

Are you looking to throw a ‘touchdown‘ of a Ravens Superbowl Party?  I have some great recipes to make your game day experience so awesome you’ll never want it to end.  Don’t forget the decorations!   Decorations:  Superbowl Platter   Clothing: Ravens Clothes     Cool Stuff for home and garden: Ravens    Football Kitchen Goodies: […]

Pillsbury Grands Taco Cups 2

Best Appetizer Recipes – Pillsbury Grands Taco Cups

Mini tacos in a biscuit? Oh my, what a great idea! You can add your favorite toppings, make them hot and spicy, or make them healthy using ground turkey, reduced fat cheese, and light sour cream. Every time I make these for a party they are the first thing to go.  

Best Chicken Wings Recipe - Old Bay Wings

Best Chicken Wings Recipe – Old Bay Wings Recipe

 If you are a Marylander you LOVE Old Bay Seasoning. These crispy, juicy, succulent wings are a favorite of people living anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay. 

Best Appetizer Recipes - Hot Sausage Dip

Best Appetizer Recipes – Hot Sausage Dip

 This hot sausage dip is a keeper for your best appetizer recipes. Absolutely perfect to take to a playoff party. It doesn’t matter which team you are rooting for because your Sausage Dip will be the winner!

Best Chicken Wings Recipe - hot and buttery

Hot Wings

These wings will knock your feathers off! I mean socks. These wings are so good your guests won’t even know that you drank too much wine while preparing them and forgot the basil leaves in the sauce. The hot sauce and butter soak right into the crispy skin to give you a yummy goodness. Pair them with […]

Superbowl Party food

Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe

 This sauce is great for dipping your hot wings in or to put on a salad or veggie platter.

Playoff party food - sweet n sour meatballs

Best Appetizer Recipes – Sweet n Sour Meatballs Recipe

Sweet and tangy meatballs are the perfect food for a Superbowl party. Who doesn’t love sweet n sour meatballs? This recipe is so simple even a beginner cook can impress their guests. They go so fast you might want to double the recipe! Add it to your collection of best appetizer recipes today.

Best Chicken Wings Recipe

Best Chicken Wings Recipe – Baked

 These are not your run of the mill chicken wings. These wings are slowly baked until they are nearly falling off the bone. A very unique flavored sauce that will be sure to WOW your Superbowl party guests and keep them begging for more. They are even better the next day.  Impress your guests by […]

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