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Mummy Cookies Recipe

Mummy Cookies Recipe

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! With Hurricane Sandy having blown through Maryland we almost had to cancel Halloween.  Thankfully, not too much damage was done here so we will have lots of trick-or-treaters tonight.  Our office is throwing a Halloween luncheon and one of my coworkers made these delicious yet easy Mummy Cookies so I just had to share. […]

pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Most people think pumpkin just comes from a can. Or they think you can use any old pumpkin for a pie. Not so my friend. For a truly delicious pumpkin pie you must use a Fiddle Neck pumpkin. So now you’re thinking to yourselves, “Carol, I have never even heard of a Fiddle Neck pumpkin. […]

Iron Chef

Cookbook signing with Iron Chef Bobby Flay

Who would have ever thought Kooky Carol would get to meet Iron Chef Bobby Flay!  What a nice guy and his recipes are delicious.  For those of you who don’t know me that well let me tell you that he is my favorite chef (don’t tell Paula Deen) and I watch all of his cooking […]

Fresh Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Fiddle Neck Pumpkin

This is a Fiddle Neck pumpkin. When I was buying it yesterday a man approached me and told me it was obscene. I told him it is used for making the best pumpkin pies ever but he just kept shaking his head and laughing.  I’m going to show/teach you how to cook it down and […]

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